Faith Based Corporate Training

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If, once in your lifetime, you are introduced to an idea that could change your life, you are fortunate. If that idea is presented to you by someone who speaks from the heart with passion and experience, in a way that makes the message stick, your life will inevitably be transformed!

Sadie Bolos – is dedicated to developing the best in people. She believes that if you can identify your strengths and manage your concerns with a great attitude, the quality of your life will be dramatically improved. As a former trainer and motivational speaker with the Zig Ziglar Corporation in Dallas, Texas, Sadie brings to the podium more than 20 years experience in motivational speaking, sales/management, leadership development, relationship marketing, and customer service training.

Building Confidence and Capability – With an unending surplus of excitement and enthusiasm, Sadie Bolos provides the “attitude adjustments” needed now to realize the power within to achieve your personal and professional best! With quality, teamwork and diversity popping up daily as “buzz words,” she makes sense of their practical application; from defining goals to staying motivated in the midst of new and changing environments.

Sadie Bolos Background – A catalyst for action and a messenger of achievement, Sadie is dedicated to training, educating, motivating and inspiring individuals to live their dream and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives. Sadie Bolos is the President and Founder of Bolos, AME, LLC, established in 1994, and The Bolos Academy founded in 2008, out of Sadie’s desire to build and equip people to live their dreams. Sadie started her professional career in Criminal Justice after completing her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law at Wayne State University in Detroit. As a police officer, a probation officer and later as a successful business woman in sales and sales management, Sadie learned to see and take advantage of the Up Side in the worst of situations. With the heart of a champion and the mind of an entrepreneur she now works to show others how to succeed.

Audiences learn what they need to know to create significance in their lives and identify those values that help them become more of who they really are. They walk away with a new appreciation for the creative process, feel more confident in their abilities, and begin creating a path and plan for living a purpose driven life.

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