You will learn how to put on the Armor for living every day. You will joyfully let go of the past and be inspired to set and achieve new goals, communicate effectively, create champions for you and live with Purpose.


Passion + Purpose + Focus = Success

A life changing program design to equip you with the tools necessary with joy and purpose.

  • Discover how to make bold positive changes.
  • Experience power and strength in the most adverse and challenging life situations.
  • Develop and maintain a faithful positive attitude (Business is good or bad between your own two ears).
  • Learn how to stay motivated in the midst of organizational and cultural change.
  • Learn how to refocus. Change the channel and make the shift.
  • Maintain balance in seven critical areas of life, wheel of life.
  • Set & achieve goals, staying focused and on course.
  • Establish strategic partnerships and networking opportunities, champions for you.
  • Positive communication and interaction, asking for what you need.
  • Effective listening skills, understanding needs.
  • Conflict resolution in handling difficult situations at home, at work, and in life long relationships.
  • Teamwork, at home, at work and in the community.
  • You as a Leader, Coach and Mentor.
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