After acquiring my B.A. in a classroom setting, opportunity arose for me to start my own business. Needing entrepreneurial skills, I turned to Sadie Bolos and the Bolos Academy for one-on-one coaching to gain the insight and skill-set required for an upstart business in an uncertain economy. Where the classroom ended, Sadie began by opening doors to the unknown and with confident surety, she walked alongside me for the first step, second step, and beyond the horizon’s edge. For anyone electing to step onto the stage of business, I highly recommend letting Bolos Academy prepare you for your business road show ahead…”

Terry Willis

Terry Worldwide


I was eager to write you and comment on”The Bolos Academy”. If I had a baseball team I would want all nine players be Sadie Bolos. If I had a baseball stadium I would name it The Bolos Academy Stadium. I attended your class called, “The True You, Success Today and Purpose Driven Employment.” Mrs. Bolos you gave me the tools to reach goals, and change my attitude to a very positive one. Sadie, you changed my life.Your class helped me, help myself. I learned new and better ways to seek and find employment. You inspired me to work hard to accomplish my goals. I want you to know that you and the Bolos Academy won the ballgame for me!

Thank you and be well.

​ Dave Timassey

“Through the team-building and leadership skills we have learned and implemented, we have been able to deliver an even higher level of service to our clients. We will be forever grateful.”


David T. Provost


Talmer Bank and Trust


“Bolos’ powerful message proved inspiring… Participants said ‘This was one of the best programs that they’ve ever attended’”

Alisa Anderson

Chair, Minority Affairs

Leadership Conference

National Education Association

“After participating in this program, I finally know where I am headed… and for the first time, I have a realistic plan for my life. Thank you Sadie!!!”

Christen McCann


“After participating in your program, I feel I can accomplish anything in life.”

Lora Hall

Medical Center Clerk

Henry Ford Health Systems

“‘Attitude At Its Best’ stressed how to stay focused, set goals, stay motivated and keep a positive attitude. Thank you Sadie, for helping us help ourselves.”

Kevin Koehler


CAM – Construction Assoc. of Michigan

“The best program I have ever attended with specific steps to achieving my personal goals.”

Shanora Jackson

Future Leaders


“Fabulous program!!!!”

Entire Staff

Salon Eleni


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